Sunday, 17 April 2016

Mild earthquake hit southern Palestine

Mild earthquake ground, on Friday, the Dead Sea area on the eastern border of the occupied Palestinian territories, felt by a section of the people of the area and population of the Negev south of occupied Palestine in 1948, without leading to casualties or damage.

The sources said "Israeli Geophysical Institute," The tremor was "very light"; where the intensity was a little less than 3 degrees by "Richter" scale to monitor the strength of earthquakes.
The Palestinian territories witnessed in recent years, a number of small earthquakes, while warned "Earthquake Center" at An-Najah National University in Nablus (north of Jerusalem), the occurrence of "violent" earthquake in Palestine a magnitude of up to 7 degrees.
He explained that the reasons for the possibility of a Palestinian suffered a strong earthquake, due to its location in the geographical area dubbed the "Rift Valley", which is limited to between the Arabian Plate and the African plate, which Tptaadan from each other by 5 to 7 millimeters per year, which means generating pressure on the rock leads to the inability of layers Earth afford, and thus occurrence of earthquakes.
Among the most important earthquakes in Palestine throughout history; the first of January / January 1837 earthquake, with its epicenter in the city of Safed, has spread its impact on the whole region and the number of victims to five thousand people and destroyed because of the city of Safed and more than 17 Palestinian villages in northern Palestine territories.
As for the 11 July earthquake in 1927; was the epicenter of Jericho and rippling effect as far north as Lebanon and south down to the Negev, and caused the deaths of 350 people and the destruction of 800 houses in the Nablus area.
The last earthquakes occurred in Palestine on September 13 / September 1954 and hit the central region of the country and parts of the Negev, but it was weak, did not remember the losses occur.
Studies indicate that Palestine is under average conditions in the major earthquake one every century and a hundred earthquakes each year, but many of them do not feel their rights either to weakness or to occur the night hours.
The Israeli sources, estimated to lead a strong earthquake in the occupied Palestinian territories more than 16 thousand people for the killing.
He says a professor at the University of earthquakes, "Ben-Gurion," Ron Avni, "the region suffered a violent earthquake and a strong pat is not excluded and may occur during a time not long ago."
Israeli expert pointed out that few weak tremors that hit the region recently warning of the possibility of large and destructive earthquakes in the coming period, expected to be a sudden earthquake and Sria.ufema respect of losses caused by the earthquake, he explained that the electricity and the Internet and mobile networks will collapse completely.

"Food Train" .. the idea of ​​the result of "families" undermine freedom in the streets of Ramallah

Try to Israeli occupation, in vain, break the will of the Palestinian prisoners and turn them into economic burden on society after their liberation from the prisons, which faces the prisoners refused and insist on building self-academically, culturally and economically, a challenge to the schemes occupation that target all aspects of life and the struggle and success among the Palestinians.

Captured looks Khaldoun Barghouti and Abdel-Rahman Baby, a lot of passion and ambition of their future career and develop a small project succeeded in its launch of Aaanthma to secure a source of livelihood for their families, in light of the difficult living conditions taking place in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Barghouti has invented and fellow Baby new idea, which created an application that Akedzbah of experience in the food-making within the prisons to Adechraha together in the project "Food Train", a mobile restaurant roam the streets of the city of Ramallah and its suburbs, in search of a livelihood.
Captured editors lived together a long journey inside the jails of occupation that ate Iammarhma, and Omagahma Israeli jailer where sorrow and pain before their liberation; where he insisted since that time to continue on their way and the search for a living for them and their families, here it comes to the idea of ​​"mobile restaurant" which allows them to navigate and roaming too much and travel, which had been deprived of it for years families.
Editor Barghouti (43 years), from Cooper, a village north of Ramallah, said the idea was born inside the prison, where he was thinking with his companion Abdul Rahman, a special project be distinctive and funky, that reached this idea, Mstvedan than Talmah inside prisons and Akedzbah experience preparing food for the prisoners.
"The body of Prisoners' Affairs did not skimp on them the required assistance, and provided them the necessary papers to facilitate their procedures before the competent departments, as well as to assist in the subject of the financial loan through a bank under the so-called project financing to the prisoners."
He pointed Barghouti (spent eight years in Israeli jails) that he shared with his colleague Abdul Rahman, the arrangements and the task of processing the bus and set it up to be a restaurant, traveling, having designed a beautiful and attractive in an artistic way.
And that Musharahma "environmentally friendly", particularly as it works to generate electricity through solar cells that have been shown on the roof of the bus system, asserting that "for dispensing means costly and annoying the same time, private electricity that produce sounds and smoke can bother the vicinity of the area that depend generators then the mobile restaurant. "
Has not gone unnoticed by Abdulrahman project and Khaldoun any small detail "might one day work hinders the project maybe the idea is the first of its kind in the streets of Ramallah," Vsuda her restaurant mobile as "batteries to store electricity," can be relied upon in the event of air was not suitable to generate power electricity from solar energy.
Barghouti said he and fellow editor Bibi, 35, who spent nine years in Israeli jails, spend long hours at work starting from the early morning hours, late into the night.
He said in an interview with us, "take advantage of some of the times to move the restaurant in front of the school in the morning, to the vicinity of the ministries at noon, and then to places of citizens gathered in the evening, and we are keen to be present in the tourist places and parks in the weekends."
He guessed Captured "the possibility of extending the project, and the processing of new mobile restaurants, and the involvement of prisoners of other editors in the idea."
Barghouti stressed that the idea of ​​"mobile restaurant" drew the admiration of people and a great popular during the short period in which they have exercised in this work, pointing out that the restaurant is to provide services ranging from fast food, in addition to juices and various drinks.
He pointed out that they were in the process of processing a corner, from which they can provide assistance to needy families, noting that that corner will be allocated for the promotion of sweets with making the Palestinian families lost their breadwinners, and as a contribution to a form of support.
Barghouti felt that the prison "is not an obstacle to the creativity of the prisoners after their liberation," In spite of the suffering of prisoners inside the prisons, but they are often "a springboard for creativity and expertise."
He revealed the editor Khaldoun Barghouti confrontation of obstacles "created their determination to complete the project," while calling on various public and private institutions to support the released prisoners and provide everything they need to be able to reintegrate into the realm of new life.

Reasons dollar coin shortage in Gaza

Monetary Authority said on Sunday it was following with all parties concerned, to introduce the necessary dollar coin into the Gaza Strip.

 And it showed the Monetary Authority in a press release, that the cause of a dollar coin shortage in the Gaza Strip are due to several ab siege factors and control of border crossings and what is permitted amendment of the Israeli authorities, in addition to most of the international institutions working in Gaza paid salaries to its employees in the currency of the dollar, as well as Payment is made to the victims of aggression in the same currency, raising demand for the currency significantly, while the display belted allowing entered and varying periods of time.

 The Monetary Authority stressed its keen interest in maintaining financial stability in all provinces of the country, continuing its intensive efforts to introduce the necessary dollar coin as soon as possible.